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Perspectives highlights the creative talents of our students at Hoxton Park High School. The works featured celebrate the unique viewpoints of our students as they engage with a variety of media and forms to communicate various concepts. Our students have developed their creativity with the Year 7 Visual Arts classes, exploring traditional drawing media and new media through their themed digital manipulations. Similarly, the Year 8 Visual Arts classes have experimented with digital photography and printmaking as they represent their interpretations of the school environment. ‘Cultural Identity’ was the focus for Year 10 Visual Arts as the class designed, carved, and printed their relief lino blocks to reveal their distinctiveness. The Year 9 Visual Arts class created magnificent ‘Pop Sculptures’, and Stage 5 Photographic & Digital Media students present a wide array of interpretations and manipulations through their digital pieces. 学生们 in the Year 11 Visual Arts class have presented their world with sophistication and insight in their bodies of work. During our opening night on Thursday, 5th December, we celebrate the achievements of our students with performances by our Dance Ensemble and Music students. The evening also features a digital slideshow and the premiere of our Year 10 classes’ Japanese films, showcasing a culmination of collaboration, creativity, and communication.

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名称: 莫妮卡·麦克马洪

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学校/部门: 艺术收藏品办公