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          社区参与 and Service Learning


          We partner with local community organisations to offer you:

          • Internships and projects for academic credit.
          • Access to the Reading Ambassador Program.
          • Volunteering and Service Learning opportunities, on and off campus.


          RAP is a volunteer literacy and mentoring program that runs in terms two and three at local primary schools. For one hour a week, you get to read with children who need help with their literacy skills.

          As Ambassadors, our students also inspire school children to gain the benefits an education provides.

          The program provides a fantastic experience for students interested in a teaching or other career working with young people. 线上 applications open at the start of each semester. These are usually advertised through 奥斯卡 e-news and our Facebook page.


          A Citizen Scholar is someone who aspires to both scholarship and impactful community engagement. 奥斯卡 Citizen Scholar Award provides you with opportunities to do just that.

          A Citizen Scholar is an individual who aspires to both scholarship and being an active engaged citizen.

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          To promote a holistic approach there are four strands

          • 个人发展和福祉
          • 职业发展
          • 社区参与
          • 世界公民

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          Enrolments are open at the beginning of each semester and students need at least 80 credit points remaining on their undergraduate degree to be eligible.




          We're here to help. Call us on 1300 897 669, email study@westernsydney.edu.au or chat with us via the button on the top of this page.

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